Day 3 – Jeju Glass Castle (제주유리의성)

Hello 2017! My first trip to Korea was almost 1+ year ago. I had returned from my second trip from Korea in last November. This time is a company trip to Seoul and Jeju. I shall speed up my writing as my memory may faded as time passed. Some info maybe outdated as I realized some entrance fee had increased. Please check their official website for latest update.

Let’s continue the journey from our last stop (Locadio). We dropped by a restaurant for quick lunch. Maybe we started to feel fatigue and hungry at the same time, we found the kimchi stew that we ate was indeed the best we ever had.

pic 1.jpg

Delicious Kimchi Stew and side dishes (KRW6,000/RM22.20)

After gaining energy from our delicious lunch, our next destination was Glass Castle….a museum where everything were made of glass. Also known as Glass Art Museum, the park were divided into 3 main area: Indoor, Outdoor and Magic Forest. Continue reading →

Day 3 – Locadio World

After leaving Taseum Safari, we carried on to our next destination, Locadio World. We were highly anticipated to visit the museum since both of us are K-drama fans but it turned out to be the less pleased place to visit. Follow our story….


OTW to Locadio….Clear blue sky with cotton white cloud

Upon entering the museum, we hardly notice the presence of any visitors. Even there was no staff guarding the place. It was EMPTY!!!. yes.. we were the only visitors at that time. At first we thought it was cool as we can avoid the crowd. So we started to follow the arrow on the floors which guide us in touring the museum. The first floor exhibited the Hallyu theme while the 2nd floor carried the ancient theme. Continue reading →

Day 3 – Teseum Safari (제주테지움)

We landed in Jeju Island an hour later. It was a blessing day because the typhoon which came few days before our departure to Korea had gone. The sky in Jeju was so blue with white cloud.


Mt. Hallsan…..Jeju highest and most sacred mountain

At the arrival hall, we met our Jeju driver, Mr Lim, which we had engaged via e-mail 3 months ago. Basically we engaged him for 3 full days trip which cost KRW390,000 (RM1,443). Yess.. it was very costly for budget traveler. However, since we want to fully utilised our time in Jeju, we opted to hire the private taxi driver for day trip. Continue reading →

JEJU (제주)

Jeju-do (Jeju Island) is a volcanic island situated at the southern tip of South Korea. It is a well-known vacation place for Korean, foreigner and especially honeymoon couples for its natural scenic spots which was form by the volcanic eruptions millions years ago.



Hallasan Mountain, which is situated at the middle of the island, is the highest and most sacred mountain in Jeju. Standing at 1,950 m (6,400 ft), Hallasan Mountain is a also a favorite place for hikers. Continue reading →

Day 3 – Flying in to Jeju

Good morning! We woke very early today to catch the earliest flight to Jeju. We hailed a cab which were already waiting in line just right in front of our hotel. This was the benefit for staying near the train station. Since it was still early, I vividly recalled the journey to Gimhae Airport (Domestic Terminal) took only 30-45 minutes. The airport was still empty and all the shops were still closed.


Flight information board had not started


Empty entrance


The counter was still closed


Still empty….><

But then my empty stomach started growling too. I took out honey butter chips and banana milk and ate them for killing time. Continue reading →

Day 2 – Taejongdae (태종대)

We hurriedly caught a bus to Taejongdae as it was getting late. Sunset during Autumn in Korea will be around 6 pm. The bus journey took about 50 minutes to reach. Considering we do not want end up disappointed, it was wise to leave early for Taejongdae.

The bus stop to Taejongdae was situated outside of Lotte Mart. To be precise, look for subway Nampo Station, exit 6. However when we was there, the exit was blocked due to construction. Beside the exit, there was an elevator. However it was crowded with people waiting for the elevator. We took the alternative way by looking for pedestrian crossing at road level.

lotte mart map.png

Location of Bus Stop to Taejongdae

You can either take bus no. 8, 30 or 113. Taejongdae was the last stop and it will be announced in English. So sit back and enjoy the scenery to Taejongdae.


The bus dropped us at the opposite side of Taejongdae entrance. So we had to walk a little to the main entrance. Upon getting down from the bus, we just followed the crowd to the direction heading to Taejogdae. Along the way, there will be many restaurant, cafe and tempting food stalls.

Continue reading →

Day 2 – Seomyeon (서면)

We headed to Seomyeon for dinner. Alike Nampodong, Seomyeon is also a shopping heaven for youngsters. Eatery places like restaurants, pubs, cafe and bakery lined up on each streets. Our aim of visiting Seomyeon was the food street (Meokja Golmok).

DAY 2 - Seomyeon exit 1

That night we explored the right side after coming out from Seomyeon Station Exit 1. There were more shopping malls and eatery places on the left side. And..and… we’re staying at Seomyeon after returning from Jeju. The middle road show in orange colour was the underground shopping mall was location. Continue reading →

Day 2 -Sky Park @ Gwangbok Lotte Mart + Yeongdodaegyo Bridge

After biding goodbye to Gamcheon Culture Village, we hailed a cab to Lotte Mart at Gwangbok Branch (Nampodong). Mr. Driver Ahjusshi was very nice to tell us about a show going on at 2pm near the Lotte Mart. It was the Yeongdodaegyo Bridge (영도대교) which I will covered after our lunch.


Snoppy at the main entrance of Lotte Mart

We had our quick lunch at Lotteria, a fast food chain in Korea.


I had Wild Shrimp Burger while my friend had basket of fried seafood

When it was almost 2pm, we took lift to the Skypark, an observatory deck on the 13th floor of Lotte Mart. We joined in the people gathering at the left side of the observatory deck. We watched the bridge lifting up one side to make way for large vessels. The bridge will be lifted up everyday for 15 minutes starting from 2pm. Continue reading →

Day 2 – Gamcheon Culture Village

Gamcheon Culture Village (부산 감천문화마을) made the highlight for our Day 2.


“Korea’s Santorini.” “Korea’s Machu Picchu.” “Lego Village.” These are the many nicknames the Busan neighborhood of Gamcheon 2-dong— Taegeukdo Village—has earned over the years.

And as you stare out upon the community from the bus stop in front of Gamjeong Elementary School, you instantly understand why. Spread out below you is a panorama of endless rows of low-rise cubicle homes climbing up the steep hillsides from the sea below, their cheerful blue, yellow and pink hues a delight to the eye. Narrow stone and concrete alleyways wind their way through the homes, yielding something new at every turn. Beloved by photographers throughout Korea, it might not be Busan’s most famous tourist destination, but it certainly is one of its most picturesque.


To get to Gamcheon Village, we took subway to Toseong Station and change to local mini bus. When we get to the bus stop, it was very obvious that most of the people waiting there were also heading to Gamcheon Culture Village. So you won’t feel lost…..


Bus to Gamcheon Culture Village

It was easy to spot the bus to Gamcheon Culture Village as the bus was clearly indicated with English sign. We waited for the next bus as it was already full. When the bus came, we quickly squeeze in the bus and again a very nice Mr Driver Ahjussi, called up me ‘Agashi’ which mean young lady and shown me the front seat. Yeah! my friend and I managed to get a good spot on the bus to catch the scenery along the journey to Gamcheon Culture Village. Continue reading →

Day 2 – The 2nd Street Art Festival

On top of the 40 steps stairs, we came to another street of shop houses. We found the 2nd Street Art Festival map mounted on the wall.


As you can see from the map, there were 3 coloured streets:

Sky – Orange street
Paper – Pink street
People – Green street

It need few hours to cover the whole place. Due to limited time, we randomly walked without following the map. The first part we covered was the shops nearby to the the 40 steps stairs. The murals reminded me of the mural trail we did back in our hometown, Penang, a few years ago. Continue reading →